25 Aug
Introduction: lecture and conversation
Reading: The People Formerly Known as the Audience.” Jay Rosen

27 Aug
Reading discussion
Form publishing working groups
Assignment: Site Maps.

1 Sept
Work day

3 Sept
Team presentations: Site maps.
Assignment: 100 Messages.

8 Sept
Reading report 1: Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead?” Hito Steyerl
Show dropbox folder of content.
Desk Crits: Present content research in progress.

10 Sept
Work day: Research.

15 Sept
Reading report 2: “The Revenge of the Text“, Kenneth Goldsmith. #HowIQuitSpin, Joshua Clover: here and here.
Team presentations: Research and first message drafts.

17 Sept
Work day; Jack in NYC

22 Sept
Desk Crits: Show 50 message drafts and 3 visual identity directions.

24 Sept
reading report 3: “What is Post-digital?” Florian Cramer.
Image Macros
Work day

29 Sept
Team presentations: Visual Identity and Message Drafts.

1 Oct
Work Day
Desk Crits

6 Oct
reading report 4: Print and Pixel: the Digital Future of Publishing, Nancy Levinson.
Desk Crits

8 Oct
Team presentations: Messages and Identity.
Begin publishing strategy phase.

 13 Oct
Lecture by David Halsted
Desk Crits

15 Oct
reading report 5: “Amateurs Rush In“, Lisa Gitelman
Team presentations: Publishing Strategy.

20 Oct
Desk Crits / Work Day

22 Oct
Desk Crits / Work Day

27 Oct
Final Pre-publishing Group Presentations

29 Oct
Desk Crits / Work Day

3 Nov
Publishing commences!

10 Nov
Team presentations: First Book Concepts.

12 Nov
Desk Crits / Work Day

17 Nov
Team presentations: First Book Sketches.

19 Nov
Desk Crits / Work Day

24 Nov
Team presentations: Revised Book Sketches.

26 Nov

1 Dec
reading report 6: “What Is The Social in Social Media“, Geert Lovink
reading report 7: “You Can’t Say That on the Internet”, Evgeny Morozov; “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted“, Malcolm Gladwell.
Desk Crits / Work Day

3 Dec
Course reflections
Final book launch and party